Window Tinting Legal Requirements

According to current UK legislation, tinted car windows need 70% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) on both the driver and passenger windows. Windscreens must be at least 75%.

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Window tinting FAQs

What are window tints?
Window tints are a protective layer that’s added to the glass. They can reduce heat build-up, glare and prevent the glass from shattering if smashed.
How long does it take?
It depends on the size of the project, however, a typical job takes between one and three hours
How much does it cost?
This depends on the size of the job. Please get in touch to check price and availability
Where are you based?
We’re based in Berkshire, but cover Surrey, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We’re fully mobile, so we’ll come to you!
Is it legal to tint car windows?
It’s completely legal, so long as the driver, passenger and front windows meet minimum requirements.
What are the penalties for tints that are too dark?
You can receive a prohibition notice which stops you driving until they’re taken off, a penalty notice or even a court summons however, our tints meet current requirements.
Is there a guarantee with window tinting?
Yes, there is a 7-year guarantee against peeling, fading, cracking and delamination.
Will the film or window tint used interfere with mobile phone signals or reception?
No, the film we use is non-metalised so radio and phone signals are not blocked.

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